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President and Committee
a. Represents the association at all levels.
b. Develop relationships with key executivesand focusing the core values of the association.
c. Preside at all meetings of the association.
d. Ensure that decisions are made in a timely manner and then translated into meaningful and appropriate action.
e. Appoint subcommittees as appropriate to meet the needs of the association's members.
f. Address any serious concerns of the the committee and members of the association and ensure appropriate action.
g. Facilitate the aims and goals of the association and evaluate the pace, direction and organizational strength of the committee.
h. Establish real and practical objectives for the committee.
i. Ensure the President elect is well versed in their role as President and provide ongoing assistance as required.

VVAA Constitution  

Local Instructions

     Local Instruction No 1 Expense Claims For Volunteers

     Local Instruction No 2 Welfare Funds