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The Committee for 2019.

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Glen Smith


Senior Vice President Vic Pilch

Secretary Ray Matthew

Email: Secretary
Ph -0400 107 130

Treasurer Brendan Lynch  
Membership Officer Glen Smith  
Past president
Welfare Officer
James Coghlan  
Committee Heather Curtis  
Committee Phil Ireland  
Committee Bogie Knight 0414 377 197
Committee Arthur Richardson  
Committee Rhonda Richardson  
    Committee   Lorraine Pulford      
    Committee    Tom Powell       

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Ray Matthew 2011
Tony Hind 2012
Vic Pilch 2013
Patrick Turner 2014
  Nil 2015
Clement “Charlie”
Peterson (Dec’d)  
Phil Ireland 2017
Sub Branch Members who are also State Life Members
James Coghlan  
  Peter Bright  
Brendan Lynch