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While a current member of our Sub-Branch is still qualified as a Pension Advocate, we no longer control the Bay West Veterans' Centre


Altona RSL has taken over the ownership of the Veterans' Centre and still provides the same services that VVAA Melbourne West provided. The location is the Altona Lodge, 96 Railway Street, Altona (See map below. It's the house next to Altona RSL car park).

The centre is staffed by qualified personnel who can assist you with either Welfare or DVA pension matters. dealing with DVA can be quite difficult and the use of the wrong words, or the ticking the wrong boxes, can see your claim held up for considerable periods of time.


If you have a need for either Veteran Welfare or DVA Pension Advocacy assistance in submissions to DVA, please contact the Altona Veterans' Centre on 03 9398 2865 or Bogie Knight on 0414 377 197.


Office hours remain at 0900-1200 Monday to Wednesday inclusive, but closed on Public Holidays and VV Day 18th August.

             We serve all veterans